Company Establishment

The title of the company signifies the Talented Outstanding Professionals-well qualified senior retired Engineers from Public Works of the Ministry of Construction and other ministry of the Government also embracing the objectives to be Technically Competent and Outstanding in Performance in their Engineering endeavors.

Hence, T.O.P Engineering Consultants International Company Limited title was selected. It is also the company’s policy to co-operate with International Engineering Organizations sharing the same common goals.

T.O.P has been privileged to have reviewed the kind support and backing from the Public Works of theMinistry of Construction and pleased to announce that Company Office is originated opened at No.60 (A), Shwedagon Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon. Now the company moved to No.90, 32th Street, Pabadan Township, Yangon.

T.O.P Engineering Consultants International Company Limited has the capability to perform its own works or perform it in co-operation with any National or International Agencies as well as in the form of joint Venture Enterprise of the followings.

Origin of T.O.P

(1) Prior to the commencement of major construction project, the client usually employs an engineering consultant to explore into such matters as Preliminary Survey and Feasibility Study followed by Design Planning and Work Programming.

(2) Cost Estimation, Evaluation, and Financial Analysis of the Projects are thoroughly scrutinized and reviewed. The project is decided after careful considerations of various aspects of the project work.

(3) During the implementation of the project, the client wants his project to be carried out in accordance with the project design and specifications. Here the role of the construction project supervisors comes in.

(4) The project work supervisors will check and reject any works that do not meet the quality standard of the project and will demand rectification of the interior work.

(5) This is the basis of the role of the Engineering project supervisors i.e, Quality Assurance, Quality Control.

(6) That is, the Engineering Supervisors will protect the interest of the clients so that Time & Money are wasted and have the Engineering Construction Project realized in time and in accordance with the Project Works Design Specifications.

(7) In order to fill the role of the Engineering Project Works Supervisors, knowledgeable and experienced personals are required.

(8) It is ideal for the talented senior retired engineers who have accumulated years of the experience and are well qualified in various engineering disciplines to take up the task.

(9) It is also required for the Engineering Works Supervising Service to follow the International norms so as to be compatible with the International Engineering Works Supervising Firms.

(10) At the present moment, it is fortunate that our Nation has a group of Firm capable of catering Engineering Construction Project Supervising services on the International stage.

(11) It is also a coincidence that a grouping of mainly retired senior engineers of public work of the Ministry of Construction with the multi-engineering disciplinary pool of knowledge exists and is readily at hand; eager and willing to shoulder the cause of National Development.

(12)Hence, this Engineering Consultants International Company was officially founded in October 2008.


To be a leading QA/QC cum Consultations firm with Excellent Services, Sound Technical Competence, Trusted by all Parties involved, so as to fulfill the Primary objectives of every Development Projects Such as

  • Completion on time/schedules
  • Compliance with Design&Technical Specification
  • Within the Allocated Estimated Budgets


  • To tap the vast experience and outstanding qualifications of a group of Retired senior Engineers in Respective fields and pass down/impart their Knowledge/ Skills to young/new Engineers through practical execution/on the JOB training.
  • To continuously recruit good & competent Engineers for Expansion & Succession Plan
  • To collaborate with relevant organizations & institution so that we could provide reliable & up to date services to our clients.
  • To seek co-operation byways of Affiliation/Association with established/internationally recognized firms, in order to upgrade our Marketability& Compete with firms from neighboring countries.
  • To make awareness of the importance of QA/QC aspects in major development projects to all parties involved in construction-related industries, as more & more development projects are in the pipelines, form both domestic and foreign own investors.


  • To use the talented ability of retired Senior Engineers in the Up-grading Processes of the Country.
  • To develop the Quality Standard of the Construction Industry.
  • To enhance the Warranty of Qualified Buildings for the end users
  • To grow the Capacity Building Natures to the new young engineers
  • To mentor the Engineering Environment with the keen interest in Engineering Principles
  • To build the Exceptionally Qualified Structures for the Country


Organization Set Up

Our Staffs