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Who We Are

The Scope of the Company

T.O.P Engineering Consultants International Company Limited has the capability to perform its own works or perform it in co-operation with any National or International Agencies as well as in the form of joint Venture Enterprise of the followings.

T.O.P Engineering Consultants International Company Limited title was selected. It is also the company’s policy to co-operate with International Engineering Organizations sharing the same common goals.

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Our Valuable Services

Design & Estimate

  • Preliminary survey
  • Feasibility study
  • Design planning
  • Foundation design
  • Cost estimation and financial analysis work
  • Architectural design and planning
  • Electrical and electronic installation works etc
  • Solving foundation problems due to adverse soil conditions

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Quality Assurance & Control

  • Quality assurance for civil construction works
  • Quality control works
  • Testing of construction materials
  • Inspection and testing of the structure
  • Works inspection/ Works supervision

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Consultancy Services

  • Agency works
  • Expert consultancy services
  • Works consultancy
  • Administration consultancy
  • Advisory services

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Project Records

Building your visions. Creating reality.

Prior to the commencement of major Construction Project, the client usually employs an Engineering Consultant to explore into such matters as Preliminary Survey and Feasibility Study followed by Design Planning and Work Programming…

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